LDAP driver released4-Nov-2010

This is the release of our old experimental driver under BSD license. It works only for reading data from a LDAP server with open access. Basic usage syntax is documented in the file header along with a few simple query examples.

Download here.

Scheduler library released26-Aug-2009

Integrate now CRON-like jobs inside your REBOL applications using a simple and natural dialect (DSL) for specifying new jobs.

More info here.

MySQL Driver 1.2.1 released13-Jul-2008

Updated version with small fixes and enhancements :
  • Fixed a long standing bug in the reconnection process, now the driver will correctly reset the port state before trying to reconnect.
  • Comments using sharp symbol (#) are now supported in SQL scripts.
  • SQL characters escaping function optimized, now almost 2 times faster.
  • 'sql-escape and 'to-sql are now global functions.
  • MySQL zero dates special values are now converted to 1-jan-0000, instead of throwing an error.

Windows Services support library released20-Jan-2008

Either wonder how to run your REBOL application as a Windows service (aka NT service)? Now it's possible thanks to this new library provided by Softinnov, and once again fully open sourced.

More info here.

MySQL Driver 1.2 released23-Sep-2007

This is mainly a bugfix version covering several bugs regarding automatic reconnection. Several new features have also been added :
  • READ function has been enhanced and encoding issues fixed.
  • It's now possible to define an init string to be executed when automatic reconnections happen.
New features details are documented here.

Visual Captcha library released16-Jul-2007

A visual captcha library has been released by Softinnov. It's fast, configurable, easy to install and offers the first REBOL-based solution for protecting web sites from spammers.

Improved MySQL Driver01-May-2007

A new driver version 1.1.0 has been released. Several new features are available :
  • New powerful SEND-SQL function to shorten your code.
  • Support for named fields, to access records data directly using column names.
  • Enhanced driver frontend to allow multiple statements to be sent in a single request.
New features details are documented here.

Cheyenne: Preview Release08-Oct-2006

After receiving a lot of requests for testing Cheyenne, we released today an alpha version of our product. Even if the support for dynamic pages is still under heavy development, you can use it to serve static content as well as REBOL lightning speed!

See Cheyenne's home page and dedicated Blog for more info.

MySQL Driver Compatibility Update01-Jul-2006

An improved version of the driver is now available for download. It fixes some issues when more recent servers (v4.1+) are used with old password format.

MySQL Driver 1.0 released!10-Jun-2006

Finally here comes the stable release of our widely used driver for MySQL. The main feature of this new version, is the support for v4 and v5 MySQL servers with the new password encryption method and new datatypes. They're also a bunch of little fixes reported by users and a new feature : the 'flat? property. Download it now and enjoy !

NTLM support library released03-Jan-2005

We're pleased to announce the first public release of our NTLM library for REBOL. REBOL applications can now pass through enterprise HTTP proxies requiring NTLM authentication. If you're an enterprise REBOL user that cannot access Internet from REBOL, this might be the solution ! is online!01-Dec-2004

We were expecting this to happen since so much time that we actually can't believe that it has become reality ! It seems that we're much faster at writing C or REBOL source code than writing HTML and CSS. :-) By the way, this web site is powered by our own new web server : Cheyenne running on top of an UniServe kernel.

UniServe 0.9.9 released10-Oct-2004

We're pleased to announce the release our client/server network programming framework in v0.9.9. It includes a complete Developer's Guide. New docs and updates will come soon for the built-in services and client protocols.

UniServe presentation at REBOL-Day 201-Oct-2004

Nenad Rakocevic was there at the french REBOL Day 2004 to present for the first time, our UniServe framework and show it in action !