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This web site is dedicated to all our open source projects and freeware products.

Our goal has always been to provide the best quality software for professional users.

We use, probably as you, dozens of different softwares each day on various OSes. We're very picky about the way these tools work (or sometimes, don't work). So we have become very demanding with our own software design and features. We are the first users of our own products and tools, so "bloated" software is something that you will never find in this web site.

All this work is done by the Softinnov developers for the community. Our choices are driven by our vision of computing built after 20 years of programming in various languages with a lot of different systems and frameworks. Computing has become unnecessarily complex and heavy. That's a reality. Simplicity, efficienty, light and elegant source codes have been put aside to follow the easy path of giga-bytes and giga-hertz. We want to give the power back in user's hands and make developer's work easier and more efficient.

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