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Size :  23Kb
Level :  stable
Version :  1.1.0
Date :  22-Jul-2006
MS-Windows only: Click here to play the online version !


This game is the REBOL port of famous BoxWorld! game. History starts in 1999 when I discovered BoxWorld! for the first time. After two minutes playing, I was really addicted, like all the other guys around me who tried this game. The company productivity dropped a lot that day : all the IT department was busing trying to solve all the 100 BoxWorld's levels (No, I won't give the company's name ;-)). Re-Box! is the REBOL port of this wonderful game.

Game features

  • 100 levels to solve !
  • Play under your favorite platform :

    • Windows 9x/NT/2000
    • BeOS 5
    • Linux
    • MacOS9
    • Various Unix platforms (Solaris, HP-UX, Irix,...)
    • Amiga
  • Your best scores are saved for each level
  • Undo last box move : Ctrl-Z or [Undo] menu item
  • Restart the level : Ctrl-R or [Retry] menu item

Download & Install

This archive contains the Re-Box! game in source code form. You need to install REBOL/View to play with it. Once REBOL/View installed, just double click on the rebox.r file. (*) REBOL auto-extract multi-platform archive format

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