LDAP Driver for REBOL/Core
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Size :  17Kb
Level :  alpha
Version :  0.5.0
Date :  4-Nov-2010

Work in progress...

This project aims to propose a standard LDAP support for REBOL/Core by implementing the LDAP protocol using REBOL schemes (ldap://), so standard functions like open, insert, find, remove,... can be used directly on the port.

The current alpha supports the following features :

  • BER encoding/decoding logic.
  • REBOL dialect for BER structures representation.
  • Basic LDAP v3 protocol.
  • Searching for record using a high level dialect
  • Port handler implemented.
What's not currently implemented:
  • Clean and reliable low-level I/O.
  • Full v2/v3 protocol support.
  • Adding, Modifying, Deleting data.
  • Authentication.
The released version is quite old code now, it would require a good refactoring work to simplify the code and optimize it (no ETA for that).