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Size :  50Kb
Level :  beta
Version :  0.9.9
Date :  11-Oct-2004


UniServe is a client/server network programming framework for REBOL. It has been designed and built in order to offer a high performance network engine while providing a simple and consistent API for developers. If you want to implement a client or server or both (in the same application) in REBOL, UniServe will be a perfect fit and will save you days of hard work on low-level I/O routines.

Additionnaly, UniServe is published with several useful services (HTTPd, Proxy, Task-Master,...) and client protocols (HTTP, POP3, DNS, ...) to help you build your product even faster.


  • Mono-thread : Allows to process dozens of client and server ports using a port multiplexing engine.
  • Asynchronous : Communications are done 100% in async mode, ensuring maximum performance.
  • Automatic handling of incoming data : network protocol are easier to write.
  • Event-oriented API : Very fast and easy programming.
  • Multi-Servers : Create easily client *and* servers that will all run simultaneously.
  • Extensible : Add features to UniServe using services (ex: multitasking)
  • View Compatible : Mix View UI with network programming simply and efficiently.
  • Dynamic Management : Load, run, stop services at runtime.
  • Remote Management : Maintenance protocol included (with a GUI client).
  • Plugin Architecture : Everything is plugin !
  • Compact : 20Kb (for the engine code source), protocols and services are < 10Kb each !
  • Open-source : BSD license.

Download & Install

Download the latest version (from the top box).

Unzip you UniServe archive where you want in your system. The installation is finished !
Installing a new software shoudn't be more difficult than that, don't you think so ? ;-)


Currently available documentation : Upcoming documentations:
  • Admin Service
  • HTTPd Service
  • Proxy HTTP Service
  • HTTP Protocol
  • POP3 Protocol
  • Admin Protocol
(Thanks to Philippe Le Goff for the french translation)